What I do (pt. 2)

Below is the most recent summarization of my work, extending to the installation work I have done (along with other prints and paintings). There are also 2 examples of the work I feel best fits this statement.


Walking, Chance and Discovery

Walking provides a moving meditation on the places we traverse. It is an intrinsically contemplative experience, allowing the meanderer to access, through rhythmic steps, an observed ‘nowness’. The walkers physical moving through space and time, and the resulting fleeting observations of their physical surroundings, stimulate a similar coming and going of thoughts offering a heightened and clearer position in the present.

When we walk long enough we access a state of consciousness that is slightly removed from the flow of our habitual concerns, schedules and eventualities. It is in this mindset that I have found a freshness of geography and place. Moments, events, sounds, objects, and movements of general insignificance and unimportance appear pregnant with musical and emotional life.

As the lucid dreamer attempts to bring treasures from their dreams to their beds, I gather and forage physical evidence from these peregrinations bringing together an archive or catalogue of each place and experience. I then often subject these articles of evidence to chance experiments within printmaking, painting and sculptural processes–using chance, liking walking, as a mode of discovery. The results of these experiments are then often brought together in immersive installations, where I recreate and re-conceptualize my initial encounters with the traversed landscapes.

My hope is that viewers might momentarily and willfully suspend their habitual and assumptive perceptions of the world and engage with these rather mundane, commonplace sounds, objects and materials under a transformative and fantastical light.


The Spiral
Screen print on Dura-Lar, wooden cylinder, color changing LED light, and soundscape.
14′ x 4′ diameter



Trash Tank
Painted rope, netting, plastic bags and other plastics retrieved from the Back Cove of Portland, ME, acrylic tank, 35 gallons of Back Cove salt water, seaweed, florescent lighting, and wooden pedestal.

What I do (pt. 2)